Alejo Martinez 
Born in Havana (Cuba) and settled in Spain from 
1997. Resides in Cádiz since 2000. 
Bachelor in Pedagogy from the University of Havana. 
Bachelor of English Language from the same University.

As a singer and composer, his career is long, He started at the age of 14. Since then he has directed groups like Arkanar, which meant a before and after in Cuban music. He has also composed music for cinema, theater, advertising, television and radio; works like 
"Black and white, no", "Rainbow musical", "The two halves des","The forgotten of love" etc.

In America they have interpreted themes of his: Soledad Bravo, Donato Poveda, Santiago Feliú, Miriam Ramos, Xiomara Laugart, as well as many interpreters of jazz as Omar Sosa, Jorge Luis Chicoy, Arkanar, Ramón Valle.etc.

In Spain he has worked with Warner, Sony, Universal, Bmg, Emi and Peer Music and their songs have been sung by: Pasión Vega, Mónica Molina, Moncho, Malú, Pastora Soler, Abigail, Tontxu, Alejandro Vega, etc. Actó with the Big Band of Cadiz at the Falla theater and has 
several tours throughout the country. He also formed part of the project "Libertad 8 together with Jorge Drexler, Ismael Serrano, Pedro Guerra, being his subject "El Malecón de Cádiz "promotion single. 
He just released his album, which has been produced by Javier Rubial and himself and that he has the participation of first-rate Andalusian jazz players. His style defines him as a troubadour, with strong influences jazz, Cuban and Brazilian. Your guitar, that has been praised by the best musicians, and his voice They make it unmistakable. He works with his partner Paloma Ramirez, author of most of his lyrics.

Most famous songs: "Teresa" "The course of your pasos "(Pasión Vega)" Kisses used "Andrés Cepeda)," Y In what way "(Mónica Molina)" Dressed in kisses " (Pastora Soler), "Stay to germinate" (Soledad Bravo, Donato Poveda, Santiago Feliú, Xiomara Laugart) "Lindo" Abigail, "Nightwalker" (Malú), Tontxu (To the wheel), Moncho (Tu dius que m ' estimes). As an instrumentalist accompanied to different artists in several discs.

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