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The TMJ PRODUCTION foreword has always been to dream together with the thousands of people that love quality music. Achieving this means constant hard work from a well oiled and highly ambitious team at the TMJ PRODUCTION

The TMJ PRODUCTION staff takes care of all relevant business matters: contracts, licensing, sales, promotion, Booking, etc. They always give their best and try to find the most effective strategic marketing required for each of the label’s releases. There can be little doubt about it that it is TMJ PRODUCTION professionalism that sets them apart from other independent Music labels. Since late summer of 2009, TMJ PRODUCTION MIAMI .

TMJ PRODUCTION also cultivate a very demanding relationship with the artists they sign. Their most important rules in working with any of them are respect and commitment. The label requires a positive attitude and GREAT not ‘simply’ good music from their artists and in return, stands 100% behind them and their releases. What else could you ask for to ensure a positive future for Melodic music.

TMJ PRODUCTION is a unit of music Entertainment that signs and develops recording artists, and offers an alternative approach to introducing them to the marketplace through integrating their music into programming on the TMJ PRODUCTION. Additionally, the new music venture capitalizes on the powerful marketing reach of TMJ PRODUCTION diverse portfolio of mass media platforms, including records and distribution, TMJ PRODUCTION, and many more, to promote its music and talent directly to consumers.

Music by TMJ PRODUCTION artists is consistently utilized prominently in programming, and the label’s first soundtrack release. Distribution of the label’s music is secured through agreements with an array of outside partners, including TMJ PRODUCTION Distribution in the world. The new TMJ PRODUCTION is not related to the former TMJ Productions Music Records business or its artists or assets, which were acquired by TMJ PRODUCTION 2009.

Dear Artist, Musician, Representative, Fan, Family Member, Etc. Thank you for interest in submitting music for consideration by TMJ PRODUCTION.

Provide us with a link to a myspace page and/or a website that includes links to your music. This is our preferred method for listening to music, viewing images and reading bios, press releases etc. and we strongly encourage you to go this route with us. We will be able to consider your music much sooner in comparison to the next two methods. Attach no more than two mp3 files to your email and no more than one image and one bio. Your total submission can be no larger than 10mb in size, and our system will bounce your email right back to you if total file size exceeds 10mb. Please only attach mp3 files if you do not have a myspace page or website that we can visit. The email address for submitting music via either of the above methods is as follows: We aim for a 30 day turnaround between receiving music and getting back to you with our response.

  • Please do not send additional music unless you hear from a member of our team requesting that you do so.

  • Please do not call us asking if we’ve received your music, what we think of it, etc. We are not set up to handle phone inquiries.

  • Also, please do not send us any physical packages those will be immediately returned. You will hear from us that, we promise.

  • Please pardon the detailed guidelines, but we are one of the few labels that accept unsolicited material, and we find these methods enable us to stay on top of the submissions and give the music proper consideration.

We are not a publishing company and our artists write all of their own material, so please do not submit songs that you’d like our artists to consider recording or life concert.

Thanks again, and we look forward to listening to your music.



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