A production company dedicated to real music

We are visionaries in the music field with deep backgrounds in creating Jazz, Instrumental, Experiential, World Ethnic, Ballad and Tropical music. The range of talents that we've worked with throughout the years goes from Arturo Sandoval, Chucho Valdez, Ermeto Pascual, Silvio Rodriguez, Pablo Milanes, MacCoy Tiner, Quincy Jones, Rey Ruiz to Miles Peña and Orquesta de la Luz.



A production company dedicated to real music

It's very important for any new artist, songwriter/producer or independent companies to be on top of today's contemporary styles of music and rhythms to create and deliver fresh and high quality project to secure a better chance of success.

Our company will also represent renowned artist worldwide that are part of the company's talent portfolio.

TMJ Production is playing and important role in the production, development and signing of new talent with

TMJ Production since its foundation in 1999, for the Cuban Saxophonist Javier Tito Junco.

TMJ have been leading this company in a very creative family type atmosphere. today aspiring artists, songwriter and producers have a new alternative when it comes to choosing a Artistic company.

TMJ Production is a new, different and driven Artistic and the music record company with more than twenty five years of experience in the US/Latin and European markets.

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