Born in Mexico city in 1975, settled in Havana city since 1958.

 Profession: Percussionist musician, graduated from Higher Institute of Art in Havana.

  •  1976: Finished his music studies in middle level, on percussion specialty. Began his labor as professor of percussion in Provincial School of Arts in Pinar del Rio, Cuba.
  •  1979: Moved to Havana City and continued as music professor in the School Alejandro Garcia Caturla.
  •  1980: Began his career as professional musician: the first six months of the year in a rock band; later as accompanist of singer Beatriz Marquez.
  •  1981: Began to work as percussionist and drum player with the singer song-writer Pedro Luis Ferrer.
  •  1982: Finished his Music Degree, Percussion specialty in the Higher Institute of Arts (ISA).
  •  1983: First Award of Percussion in the contest of Unión Nacional de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba, (Cuban National Union of Writers and Artists), 1983.
  • 1984: Took part in the recording of Pedro Luis Ferrer´s LP En espuma y arena
  •  1985-87: Took part in national and international events, such as:
  •     International Festival of Varadero, Cuba;
  •     International Guitar Festival of Havana;
  •     Festival CICLA, Peru;
  •     Festival of Youth and Students, German Democratic Republic (GDR);  
  •     Festival of El Dia journal, Mexico city.
  •  1988: Began to work as vocalist with Santiago Feliu. Jazz concerts with Cuban pianist Ramon Valle. Tour in GDR (Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig).
  •  1990: Tour in Colombia with Santiago Feliu. Participated in Bogota Jazz Festival with Ramon Valle´s group Brujula.
  •  1992: Tour in Spain with Santiago Feliu and Estado de Animo band. Presentation ción en el III Festival de Jazz de Barcelona.
  •  1993: Performance in Plaza Jazz Festival in Havana together with Airto Moreira, Irakere, Afrocuba, Sampling and Ronnie Scott’s.
  •  1994: Tour in Galicia with Santiago Feliu and Estado de Animo.
  •  1995: Tour in Germany with Santiago Feliu  and Estado de Animo.
  •  1996: Performance in Plaza Jazz Festival in Havana. Tour in Germany, Switzerland and Spain.
  •  1997: Selected to represent the company of cymbals Paiste.- Began to work with Temperamento group. Participates in the Festival Cervantino of Guanajuato, Mexico, with pianist  Jose Maria Vitier.
  •  1998: Tour in Italy with Temperamento.
  •  1999: Tour in Spain with Santiago Feliu.
  • 2000: Tour in Ecuador con el pianista Ernán López-Nussa.
  • 2001: Tour por Argentina con Santiago Feliu. 
  •  2003 Tour in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, France, Spain, England and Scotland with Temperamento and Ibrahim Ferrer with Buena Vista Social Club. Performance with Temperamento in Moscow.
  •  2004: Launching of the book Ritmos de Cuba. Percusión y batería, (Cuban Rhythms, Percussion and drums. 1st edition. Havana, Cuba.
  •  2005: Guest of honor in the first and second National Meeting of Symphony Orchestras. Tour with Santiago Feliu in Dominican Republic and Argentina.
  •  2006: Great concert “30 Years of Artistic Life”  with musicians whom the autor had worked with, held in the theater Auditorium Amadeo Roldan, Havana, Cuba.
  •  2007: With brothers Sergio and Jose Maria Vitier he took part in the Ceremony  Cuba Disco with the Symphony Orchestra of Havana.
  •  2008: Guest in II Festival of Percussion Arts, University of Costa Rica. 
  • Second edition of the book Cuban Rhythms, Percussion and drums, in Germany by Advance Music.
  •  2009: Premiere and performance of Percussion Project ¨La Academia¨ (The Academy) in Cuban Institute of Music.
  •  2010: National Tour Nacional in Art Schools Ruy Lopez-Nussa and The Academy.
  • 2010: Proposiciones Festival in Sports City, Ruy Lopez-Nussa and The Academy.
  •  2010: Began his collaboration with Mezcla group
  • 2010-11 Tours in Canada with Mezcla: Montreal Jazz Festival, Toronto, Ottawa, London.
  • 2011: Selected to represent the company of cymbals Sabian
  • 2011: National Tour in Art Schools: Ruy and Adel  Gonzalez
  • 2011 –Performances in Plaza Jazz Festival, Ruy Lopez-Nussa and The Academy and Mezcla.
  • 2011:  Fiesta del Tambor (Conga Celebration)
  •  2012: (January) Percussion Festival in Higher School of Music in Monterrey, Mexico.
  •         First CD recordings of La Academia
  •         Guest in the Drums Festival in Costa Rica (February)
  •         Participated in Conga Celebration in Havana
  •  2013: Concert and DVD recording in National Theater of Cuba with La Academia

 At the present, besides director of his band La Academia, he is professor of drums in the Music School Amadeo Roldan in Havana, Cuba, and he carries out a regular performance at the gardens of Casa del Alba, with La Academia and guests, every second Saturday of each month.

Genre: Contemporary, Balad and Jazz music 

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  •  Bombon  (work for timpani, Snare and cymbals) 2 movements
  • Para dos (Two drums)
  • La Magia del Tiempo  (set of percussion)
  • Poliscandú  (Two Snares and two toms)
  • Trancription for drums of Meta de Chango (Full)
  • Independence trainings


  • Cuban Rhythms, Percussion and drums, published by Author from SGAE Publishing in 2004.
  • Advance Music in 2008


  • DVD  Poliscandu with record company Colibri
  •  CD and DVD Ruy Lopez-Nussa presents La Academia with record company Colibri


  • 1984: LP  En espuma y arena- Pedro Luis Ferrer (Cuba).
  • 1993: CD Nauseas de Fin de Siglo - Santiago Feliu (Cuba).
  • 1994: CD Trampas del tiempo - Gema Corredera and Pavel Pimienta (Spain).
  • 1995: CD Futuro inmediato - Santiago Feliu (Argentina).
  • 1996: CD Misa cubana - Jose Maria Vitier (Cuba).
  • 1996: CD A cantar con Xabarin Vol. III, Couxia Senille (Spain).
  • 1997: CD Sin limite - Maria Antonieta (Cuba).
  • 1997: CD Las mas famosas de Cuba (Cuba).
  • 1998: CD Jazz timbero - Bobby Carcases (Cuba).
  • 1998: CD Cuban coffee - Coco Freeman (Cuba).
  • 1998: CD En el comienzo - Temperamento. (Cuba).
  • 1998: CD Tiene que ver - Roberto Fonseca (Cuba).
  • 1999: CD Elengo - Roberto Fonseca (Cuba).
  • 1999: CD Made in Ánimas - Felipe Cabrera (Cuba)
  • 2000: CD Definitivamente jueves - Waldo Leyva (Cuba).
  • 2000: CD El joven son - Postrova. (Cuba).
  • 2000: CD Den Velsignede - Ole Paus (Norway).
  • 2000: CD Seis perlas cubanas (Cuba)
  • 2000: CD No limit - Roberto Fonseca (Cuba)
  • 2000: Soundtrack of the film  Vampiros en La Habana, II.
  • 2001: CD Concierto habanero - Sergio Vitier (Cuba).
  • 2001: Recording for the TV serial Linda Green for London BBC. Music by Guy Pratt.
  • 2001: CD El ilustrado Caballero de París - Gerardo Alfonso (Cuba).
  • 2001: CD Sin Julieta - Santiago Feliu (Cuba).
  • 2001: CD Metrópoli - Elmer Ferrer (Cuba).
  • 2001: CD Lo tengo to´ pensa´o - William Vivanco (Cuba)
  • 2002: Second part of the recording for the TV serial Linda Green for London BBC. Music by Guy Pratt.
  • 2003: DVD, live, with Yusa in the club Ronnie Scott’s in London.
  • 2004: Recording of CD Breathe, - Yusa. (Cuba) - Recording of the CD for the book Cuban Rhythms.
  • 2006: Invited to the recording of CD Canciones - Harold Lopez-Nussa. (Cuba) - Recording of DVD, live concert in theater Amadeo Roldan
  • 2007: Invited to the recording of CD El cantar del Caballero y su Destino - Jose Maria Vitier.
  • 2010 : Recording of Demo with La Academia
  • 2011 : Recording of CD Remembrance with Everton Pablo Paul and La Academia
  •  2012 : Recording of his CD: Ruy Lopez-Nussa Presents La Academia
  •             Recording of CD- DVD - Yasek Manzano
  •             Recording of DVD with Pablo Menendez and Mezcla
  •             Recording  with Jorge Luis Pacheco
  •  2013: Recording of DVD Ruy Lopez-Nussa presents La Academia, in National Theater of Cuba.






(Ruy Lopez-Nussa)

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