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The Cuban EXPERIENCE Luis LUGO The Piano of CUBA This concert looks like an imaginary ride that begins in Yoruba Africa and Spain, to the infinite time. Includes classic nineteenth century as "counter-Cuban dance," danzón, the famous "son cubano", bolero and jazz in a fusion with contemporary rhythms and genres like pop, rock and hip hop. The atmosphere and the popular classic musical arrangements, piano concert in the world of jazz, improvisation and Cuban music, show the technique of classical music greats, including electronic music and contemporary sounds in a multi visual show and sound. In this concert fusing traditional Cuba with the contemporary world and the world withCuba, in complicity with the talent of the artists on stage. A large sequence of images and sounds of the world supports and strengthens the aesthetic concept of this impressive "Visual RATE SONAR 2E". Repercussion in the media and personalities from the world of international culture "...Lugo was able to show his fine technique playing Liszt, ending in this way the night of excellent music...", passage of "Luis Lugo and a spectacular night", La Opinión Newspaper of San Luis, Argentina. “...the great technique of Mr. Lugo allows him to interpret very difficult pieces in a fabulous way." Angel Vázquez Millares, Critic, Cuba. "...Lugo. His brightness and emotionality predict the virtuosity of the unrestrainable romanticism of the XIX Century." Leo Brouwer, composer and Director of the Phylharmonic of Cuba and Director of the Symphonic of Córdoba, Spain. "...He has a certain possibility to interpret concerts, due to his relevant technique and his emotive sensibility..." Dr. Robbone, President of the International Piano Contest in Viotty –Italy. "...With his appealing interpretative quality, he expresses temper together with an understanding of the styles of the pieces he performs” Mtislav Smirnov Vice-rector of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Moscow. "Having been at Mr. Lugo’s concert at the Colon Theatre in Buenos Aires, I was able to appreciate his technical possibilities and the beauty of his tone pallette, that amazingly ranges from pp to ff, and makes us consider as positive the fact that his native country has contributed to his international carreer, in order to let him develop all the potential this artist has”. Elsa Puppolo (Argentinian pianist) ...Throughout all the pieces he showed in an increasing way, a complex management of the virtuosism. This pieces written by great virtuous men, need also to be executed by a great virtuous musician. And that was what Luis Lugo showed to be. We do hope to see him again at the Great Hall of the Colon Theatre.” Jorge Argiles, argentinian pianist and piano profesor. Luis Lugo INTERNACIONAL PIANIST Luis Lugo was born in Havana, Cuba. He received a musical inheritance from his parents that was a key to his future training: his mother Mercedes Lugo was Professor of piano and Director of choirs and his father Manuel Borges was a true virtuous amateur pianist. Enchanted by music since his childhood, he began his studies at an early age and continued for eleven years at the Provincial School of music "Amadeo Roldan" of Havana. In his early years of studies, his teacher was Mercedes Estévez (current vise Dean of the Faculty of music of the Institute Superior of art of Havana). From the first year of piano, he jumped to the fourth year, showing great skills. This was the reason why in his fifth year, he could study with Cesar Lopez and Silvio Rodrigues Cárdenas. This year, he was invited by the Vice-Rector of Mtislav Smirnov Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory to continue his piano studies at the famous central school of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Months later, he links with the eminent Russian pianist Rudolf Kerer, being regularly auditioned during those years. His debut was in December 1973 with a concert with masterpieces of Beethoven, Prokofiev, Bartok and Harold Gramatges at the University of Havana. That same year, he had already got the third place in the national competition of piano UNEAC 73 after his performance of the last test of the concert Nº 1 of Shostakovich. In spite of the fact that this was a competition only for professionals adults, he was allowed to play after receiving special permission. In his student years, Lugo was awarded with different prizes in recognition of his successful performances in different stages of Cuba as the "national group of concerts" artist of the Ministry of culture of Cuba: Diploma of prominent festivals I, II of young performers of Havana Festival Baroque, diplomas of honor and excellence of the Conservatory Amadeo Roldán, third prize in the national piano competition "Amadeo Roldan", tours to the most important artistic centres in Cuba. In the years 1977-78, he studied at the higher Institute of Havana with the young Russian pianist Valery Kamichov (awarded in 1962 with the 2nd prize of the Moscow Tchaikovsky International competition), which prepares him for the International Piano competition in Moscow. In 1978 after a trial of opposition, he entered the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory in the class of the Honourable Professor and Emeritus artist of Russia Rudolf Kerer. He also received classes from Irina Smorodinova (Assistant Master of Rudolf Kerer, ex student of Emil Guilels and honoured in the international contest Margaret Long of Paris) and with Victor Nosov (vice Dean of the Faculty of Piano of the Conservatory Tchaikovsky.) In the year 1983, he obtained the titles of concert pianist, a degree in music, Professor, and the special provision "Master of Fine Arts" from the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, after a brilliant test where he obtained the maximum score with the sonnets of Scarlatty, sonnet in h moll of Liszt and concert 3 of Rachmaninoff in d minor for piano and Orchestra. The years after the return of Moscow were of intense travels throughout Cuba integrating various artistic delegations on behalf of the national group of concerts of the Ministry of culture and also of deepening in his academic studies in different art scenes and he acquires a great Executive experience in the field of cultural management. Lugo made his international debut appearing in festivals organized for foreign students in Moscow. He presented a series of recitals at the Gorky Museum of Moscow, concerts in the city of Sochi on the Black Sea and in the international contest Vioty of Italy. In 1992, he was elected as member of the prestigious "National Union of artists of Cuba" Association, which brings together the most prestigious artists in Cuba. He has been received by politicians and top officials of all the places he has visited just as Governors, mayors, senators and diplomatic representatives. He has been declared of cultural interest by the Secretariat of culture of Argentina and Uruguay. He has received equal cultural statement from the cities of Jujuy, San Juan, Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Miramar and guest of Honor of the university of Rosario in Argentina. In 2010, he was honoured with the statement of parliamentary interest given by the Honourable Chamber of deputies of Argentina. He has performed in Spain, Italy, Russia, Great Britain, Angola, Cuba, Chile, Uruguay, Ukraine, Switzerland, Argentina and others. His current repertoire includes most of the great masterpieces of all times, mainly from the romanticism of Chopin, Liszt, Scriabin, Rachmaninoff, Cesar Frank, Ravel, authors that he prints a special charisma on the public. His musical concerns have led him to different levels of artistic creation just as the composition in the land of the classical, symphonic and popular music, with a strong interest in the transcription of thematic material of native and popular pieces, placing in the concerts category folklore and Latin issues, as well as entering the world of jazz improvisation and Cuban music. At the same time, he incorporates all the spectacular technique of the electronic world and the laser with the computer sounds, according to the contemporary sound requirements. In addition to his activities as composer and pianist, Lugo has developed an intense teaching activity. His students have been winners of awards in various piano competitions at international and national level in Argentina. He is regularly invited to give lectures and magisterial classes of music, aesthetics of piano and technical pianistic at numerous universities in San Luis, the Catholic University of Santa fe, the university of Mendoza, the Music Festival of Colon Theatre at Buenos Aires and the Congress of education at the University of Cordoba. He has collaborated with different articles for some means of press in Cuba and Argentina magazines. Lugo is also a composer with a catalogue of musical pieces that includes concerts, sonnets, Rhapsodies for piano, with Orchestra and instruments of Cuban Percussion and music of jazz-cubano and numerous arrangements and virtuous paraphrase of Cuban authors just as Cervantes and Lecuona. He also wrote musical pieces for musical theatre just as "Cuba: myths and legends", for piano solo, band tape and 3 actors. His latest work is titled "Lecuona concert for piano, Cuban Percussion and large Symphony Orchestra”. The musical language of Lugo is the combination of Afro Cuban rhythmic complex with his classical academic intellect. His music is mostly a synthesis between the universal classics culture with a very technical language of Cuban music. The pianism of Lugo has recognized the influences of prominent universal pianists such as Chucho Valdes, Gonzalito Rubalcava, Ernesto Lecuona, Keith Jarret, Horowitz, and Alfred Cortot.
At present he resides in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Genre: Classic music and popular music 

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