Liana Isakadze was already a musician by the age of three, having taught herself to play piano and to compose. She became a violinist by pure chance. When she was seven, scheduled for an examination at the piano faculty, she caught a cold and had to postpone her performance for a week. However, the next week`' s auditions were for violinists only. Determined to become a musician as early as possible she played the violin instead and was immediately accepted by Prof. Leo Shiukashvili as his pupil.

Within 3 months Liana Isakadze was on stage, performing formidable violin pieces. By the age of 9 she performed with the State Symphonic Orchestra and a year later she gave her first recital. In 1956, only 10 years old, Liana Isakadze was invited to participate as an exception in the „International Festival Competition „ in Moscow. Despite her young age she performed the same obligatory program which was required from the adult contestants. It is worthwhile to mention that David Oistrakh presided the Jury of this festival.
When she was 12, she was awarded the 1st prize at the “All Caucasus Violin Competition“. Two years later, under a special permission, she was allowed to participare in the All Soviet Competition of Instrumentalists, although the age requirement for participants was seventeen and older. Liana Isakadze  being 14 years old won second prize.David Oistrakh insisted that she finishes the Central Musical School one year earlier as scheduled, to be admittedimmediately in his class at the Moscow State Conservatory without entrance exams.
After graduating from the conservatory, Liana Isakadze became the assistant to David Oistrakh for the next two years. David Oistrakh as a conductor frequntly invited her to play with him Beethoven and Chaikovsky concertos.Great musician – David Oistrakh died unexpectedly in 1974 in Amsterdam, while preparing a performance of the Brahms Double Concerto with Liana Isakadze and her brother the cellist Eldar Isakadze.
In 1965 being 18 years old Liana Isakadze received the „Grand Prix“ and the first prize at the M.Long and J. Tibo International Competition in Paris. In 1970 she was awarded the third prize at the Chaikovsky Competition in Moscow and the first prize at the Jean Sibelius International Violin Competition in Helsinki, as well as special award for the best performance of the concert of Jean Sibelius.
From 1970 to 1994 Liana Isakadze was a soloist of the Moscow State Philarmony and toured as a soloist with the USSR State Orchestra under the direction of Evgeny Svetlanov, and with the Moscow Philarmonic Orchstra conducted by Dimitri Kitaenko throughout Europe, America and Asia. She has performed with Genadi Rojdestvensky, Kiril Kondrashin, Arnold Katz, Djansug Kachidze and many other outstanding conductors of the USSR. During that time she made numerous recordings for the label „Melodia „ , the Moscow Radio and Moscow Central TV.
From 1964 to 1981 Liana Isakadze has been privileged to play a Stradivarius violin which was given to her from the State Violin Collection in Moscow.
Beginning in 1965 Liana performed as a soloist and conductor in the most prestigious halls and most famous festivals of Europe with major orchestras and renowned conductors, including: Rudolf Kempe, Kurt Mazur, Herbert Bloomsted, Juka Pekka Saraste, Noeme Jarvi, Sharl Dutoi, Michail Jurovsky, Jiri Kout, Vatzlav Neuman, Jan Pascal Tortelie, Jiri Beloglavek, Yehudi Menuhin, Maris Jansons, Paavo Berglund, Valeri Gergiev, Dimitri Liss, Vladimir Verbitski, Gintaras Reinkiavichus, Erik Lass, Iwaki, Thomas Sanderling, Alexandr Dmitriev, a festival dedicated to Liana Isakadze was held in Vienna in 1988. She appeared there as a soloist, conductor, chamber and jazz musician. The press acclaimed her as a Grappelli in petticoat . The same festival also took place in Lichtenstein. She played chamber music with Gidon Kremer, Maxim Vengerov, Justus Frantz, Grigori Jislin, Igor Oistrach, Arto Noras, Ivan Monighetti, Natasha Gutman, Aleksei Liubimov, Maria Judina, Viktor Tretyakov, Aleksandr Slobodianik, Jura Bashmet, Barbara Hendriks, Dimitri Alekseev, David Geringas, Edward Brunner, Gustav Revinius, Dmitri Sitkovetski, Arto Noras, Franz Hummel, Frida Bauer, Aleksandr Kniazev, Aleksandr Rudin and etc. Many Georgian, Russian and German composers dedicated their compositions to  Liana Isakadze.

Liana Isakadze made numerous arrangements of works by Chaikovsky, Brahms, Bokkerini, Mendelsohn, Gershwin, J.S. Bach, Paganini, Franz Hummel, L.Bernstein and others.
Liana Isakadze was the first performer of many violin and orchestral compositions in the USSR, amongst them the Schoenberg Violin Concerto. Liana Isakadze has been awarded with numerous important honorable titels and prizes. Together with violinist Victor Tretyakov, Liana Isakadze was the youngest musician in the history of the USSR to receive the titel of PeoplesArtist of the USSR.

In 1988 Liana Isakadze was elected to the Reformist Parliament of the USSR as a Peoples Deputy. She accompanied Mr. M. Gorbachev on his visit to Italy and was amongst the 9 deputies invited by the U.S. Senate. Following two weeks of participation in the sessions of the Senate, at a banquet, Liana Isakadze performed 4 preludes of Dimitri Shostakovich. After standing torrential applause, the head of the Soviet Deputies Mr. Evgeni Primakov addressed the senators and present public: Ladies and Gentlemen!  At last You see the real face of the new Soviet Parliament (pointing at Liana).
The one of the leading newspapers of Germany Süddeutsche Zeitung in 2009 published the CD- box
V i o l i n i s t s   o f   t h e   c e n t u r y. The collection consists of 5 CDs featuring 20 outstanding violinists. One amongst them is Liana Isakadze.

In 2003 the first L i a n a  I s a k a d z e   I n t e r n a t i o n a l   V i o l i n   C o m p e t i t i o n was held in St.Petersburg Russia. Liana Isakadze is included in the Encyclopedia. T h e  2000  o u t s t a n d i n g  m u s i c i a n s  o f  t h e  20th c e n t u r y published in 2002 by The Cambridge International Biographical center. 

In Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, the Philarmonic Hall features a Star of Honour with the signature of Liana Isakadze. Liana Isakadze has served as a member of Juries of the violin competitions of Jacque Thibaut ( Paris ), Jean Sibelius ( Helsinki), ARD in Munich, Tibor Varga ( Sion ), David Oistrach ( Odessa ) and elsewhere.
She was a chairman of the Jury at the Chaikovsky Competition in Moscow (1998).

Liana Isakadze, together with other musicians, is portrayed in three monographs bearing the title    
"G r e a t   V  i o l i n i s t s“, published in Germany. (See the chapter – From Monographs)
In 2009  Liana Isakadze was invited by the German Foreign Ministry to form a Chamber Orchestra of Young Musicians of Southern and Eastern Europe. She performed as a soloist and conductor of this orchestra during the days of German Culture in Berlin and cities of former Yugoslavia.
In March 2011 she has with a huge success performed as soloist and conductor with the Young Euro Classic Orchestra in Berlin, Melzungen and Kassel. Liana Isakadze gives Master classes at Salzburg (Mozarteum), Vienna and Sherm Festival (Italy). 

In 1994 at the initiative of Liana Isakadze and support of the city government of Ingolstadt (Germany), the 15th century university building was restored and David Oistrach Academy founded.
Since 1983 Liana Isakadze has been Artistic Director of the following international festivals. Night Serenades - Pitsunda (Abkhasia – Georgia), Eikhstädt Germany). Festival of Arts“ - Borjomy (Georgia), Open Air Festival in Batumi (Georgia). 

Liana Isakadze in 2011 from the outstanding musicians of different countries of the Friends of Facebook, has formed an ensemble – orchestra - "Virtuosi from Facebook “. First performances of this orchestra will take place at the founded by Liana Isakadze Festivals of „ Night Serenades and Friends of Facebook in August  2011 in Batumi (Georgia,Black Sea Coast). At present she resides in Paris and Grasse (France).

Genre: Classic Music 

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  1. Peoples Artist of the USSR 1988

  2. Peoples Artist of Ge
  3. Shota Rustaveli State Prize (Georgia) 1983
  4. Zaqaria Phaliashvili State Prize ( Georgia ) 1984
  5. Georgian State Prize 2001
  6. Order of Honor (USSR) 1971
  7. Order of Honor  (Georgia) 1998
  8. Order of Honor  (Georgia) 2002
  9. Medal - 2000 outstanding musicians of the 20th century, Cambridge, England. 2002
  10. Medal of the Paris Municipality 2004

     Liana Isakadze is:

  • Honorary Director of G. Issakadze – Shpilman Musical Academy (Ingolstadt, Germany Ingolstadt,     Germany)
  •  Honorary Professor of the National Conservatory of the city Astana (Kasakhstan