Born in Mayari, eastern Cuba on March 16, 1944, in a family of professional and amateur musicians. His mother, Altagracia Tamayo after four years listening to his self-taught performances, decided the following year to give formal classes in the Academy Orbón his people from what was its Director.

 He was taught by Esteban Forés in his home town of Mayarí. He moved to Havana, where he played in nightclubs and cabarets. He was admitted to the Amadeo Roldán Conservatory, and was taught by Margot Rojas. A classically trained musician, Frank Fernández studied with some of the best teachers in the world. Throughout all his years as an artist, critics have described him as "a man touched by the divine," "one of the master interpreters of the most sublime moments of music in the world" or "someone without precedent, an unforgettable pianist," among others. Fernández has written more than 650 works in different formats, from ballets, choirs and symphonies to arrangements of popular music, television, and radio. He has worked with artists such as Silvio Rogíguez, Vicente Feliú, Pancho Amat and more.

"FRANK FERNANDEZ has been applauded in many countries of both hemispheres. In Poland captivates the audience with Chopin, and Rachmaninov in Moscow Tchaikovsky in Cuba with Cervantes and Lecuona, in Germany with Schumann and Beethoven. The breadth of creativity that comes together in this great artist, is the result not only of a natural gift, but also the fruit of an intense intellectual work that penetrates deep into the spirit of the age, style and composer design of each piece. "

O. Stepanov. Moscow.

"Considered one of the best in the world, Frank Fernandez is definitely unique."

Ana Lilia Cortes, Mexico.

Cimera personality of Cuban piano, is recognized as a value of music by the public and critics of countries in Europe, Asia and America. Confirm its 56 years of brilliant career as a performer, his contributions to piano pedagogy, his compositions, orchestrations, investigations, musical productions and work of cultural promoter.

The genesis of his art is supported by four pillars

The Appropriation of the fundamental principles of the piano school of the nineteenth century, through his teacher Margot Rojas, a student of Alexander Lambert (one of the last pupils of Franz Liszt).

His knowledge of the famous Russian piano school, received during the 5 years of higher education at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow with the great pianist and Professor Emeritus Victor Merzhanov, culminating with "summa cum laude".

Domain The wealth of tradition in Cuba during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries through its investigations and recordings of the work of the founding fathers of Cuban music: Manuel Saumell and Ignacio Cervantes and the extraordinary aesthetic synthesis of Ernesto Lecuona.

The Close relationship since childhood in his hometown with the best exponents of Cuban and Latin American popular music.

This comprehensive training as broad aesthetic and academic horizon, is what has allowed it to not only successfully face the most diverse styles of classical music, but also dabble in rare cases but wonderful in almost every genre of popular music. Maybe that's why it has been said.

"Frank Fernandez phenomenon is unique ..."

"It is a being touched by divinity"

"It is considered one of the pianist values of world music."

"It's an exciting, sensitive, profound interpreter".

"He has the strength and power of the cognitive".

"He captivates the audience with all styles."

"Frank Fernandez is the ideal interpreter".

"One of the master interpreters of the most sublime moments of universal music."

"Penetrate into the recesses of the mind of the authors with the easy nature of the illuminated in dialogue with Bach, Beethoven and Chopin."

"He is a poet of the keyboard."

"It's one of the greatest pianists in the world, for his virtuosity and versatility."

"It is an artist of such transparency and mystical force that makes us feels that the soul advance overlooks the limits of the body".

"It's a great performer."

"The phenomenon Frank Fernandez is unprecedented, an unforgettable Pianist".

Among the most important milestones of his career are:

  • In Germany, the premiere in 1984 of the Chamber Hall of the Berlin Schauspielhaus;
  • In Tokyo, the recital selected among the 10 most important events in Japan in 1999.
  • Prague, chosen among the best pianists in the world to play the Tchaikovsky Concerto No. 1 in the centenary of its opening.
  • Paris, Closing Ceremony for the 50th anniversary of UNESCO.
  • Colombia, 28 concert tours and decorated with the "Shield of Bogotá".
  • Ecuador, reopening of Guayaquil Civic Center Theatre.
  • Moscow, Great Hall of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory. 
  • Invited its reopening in the Memorial of the Americas in Brazil, Sao Paulo.
  • The first anniversary of its creation Austria, invited to play the piano of Mozart in Salzburg. 
  • At the National Theater of Cuba, release cycle 5 concerts for piano and orchestra by Beethoven with Duchesne Cuzán and the National Symphony Orchestra on two consecutive nights, Galas for the centenary of the birth of Ernesto Lecuona, the bicentenary of the death Franz Schubert and the bicentenary of the birth of Frederic Chopin, and the opening 4 of the most important concert halls in the country.

He has appeared as soloist with more than a hundred symphonic and chamber orchestras in the world:

  • The Philharmonic and Symphony Orchestras of Moscow State Great Orchestra of the USSR.
  • Philharmonic Orchestra Osaka.
  • Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio and TV Prague. 
  • Symphony Orchestra of Sao Paulo.
  • Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra and National Symphony of Colombia. 
  • Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra, Warsaw Philharmonic, Bydgoszcz and Szczecin Symphony. 
  • The famous Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra and all the major orchestras in Venezuela.
  • Varna Symphony Orchestra.
  • Symphony Orchestra of Mexico and Mexico State. 
  • Philharmonic Orchestra of the Dominican Republic. 
  • Orchestras of Quito and Guayaquil. 
  • Romanian Philharmonic Orchestra and Satumare Symphony. 
  • The Symphony Orchestra of Vietnam. 
  • Yugoslavia Symphony Orchestra.
  • Symphony of Panama. 
  • As well as all the orchestras of Cuba, among others.

He has worked under the direction of renowned foreign directors as:

  • Antoni Wit,
  • Olaf Koch,
  • Guido Ajmone-Marsan,
  • Vladimir Ponkin,
  • Yoshikazu Fukumura,
  • Ronald Zollman,
  • Carlos Riazuelo,
  • Francesco Belli  
  • Enrique Perez Mesa, Holder Symphony Cuba and with the most important Cuban directors.

On August 18, 2015, At the age of 71, Frank Fernandez had his performance debut in the United States at the Ravinia Festival, in Highland Park, Illinois.


Genre: Classic music 

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  • Frank Fernandez Y Sus 2 Pianos (1960)
  • Encuentro de música latinoamericana (1972)
  • Danzas cubanas- Ignacio Cervantes (Frank Fernández) (1975)
  • 4to concierto de Beethoven (1978)
  • Música de la banda sonora original del serial "La gran rebelión" (1981)
  • Lecuona (Danzas para piano) - Gershwin (Rhapsody in Blue) (1985)
  • Beethoven-Schumann ciclo grandes maestros del piano (1987)
  • Desde la música Vol. 1 (1988)
  • Bach-Chopin ciclo grandes maestros del piano (1989)
  • Tchaikovsky-Gershwin (1992)
  • Cubano y universal (1994)
  • Desde la música (1994)
  • Lecuona-Cervantes (1995)
  • Liszt-Mozart-Schumann (1997)
  • Todo Mozart (1999)
  • Todo Cervantes (2001)
  • Todo Saumell (2001)
  • Tierra Brava (2002)
  • Integral nocturnos de Chopin (2002)
  • Amor y dolor (2003)
  • Sonatas mas famosas de Beethoven Vol. 1 (2003)
  • Gershwin-Mozart (2004)
  • Hasta la victoria siempre (2005)
  • Lecuona-Cervantes (2005)
  • Sonatas mas famosas de Beethoven Vol. 2 (2005)
  • Homenaje a Gades. La rebelión (2005)
  • Dos travadores (2007)
  • Con el alma en las manos (DVD) (2007)
  • Novia mía (2010)





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