Fran Domínguez was born on March 4, 1956 in Vedado, Havana Cuba. He completed his musical studies at the "Conservatory of Music in Havana Amadeo Roldan" there was valedictorian. He went to the army band where it was five years to reach the position of principal trumpet. He then joined the orchestra Artistic Civil Workers Cuba. It has been under the direction of Cuban music greats like the late Rafael Somavilla, composer, arranger, bandleader and bands, Rafael Paterson, Tony Taño etc. He was also a student of the great trumpeter Jorge Varona founder of the famous group "Irakere", among others. 
Received help from the best trumpeter in the world "Arturo Sandoval" from whom he learned a lot and had the pleasure of sharing the stage at the "Second International Meeting of Trumpet" Rafael Mendes "" in Mexico City in 2011 
Fran Domínguez, was part of the Cuban group known worldwide "Laye" for 10 years, in which it penetrated many facets of music like rumba, son, guaracha, cumbia, mambo and jazz which has always captivated . In this group also have learned a lot of show, took him across several countries in Europe and America, such as Panama, Canada, Austria, Chile, Guatemala, Brazil and Mexico many times until he decided to choose his second home, the which, as he says, is grateful for giving great opportunities to live to be happy. 
He was retired for six years of musical environment for health, but now is back, as he says with great effort, dedication, display a greater potential for emotion and talent bringing an interesting musical project that contains a mixture of smoothjazz with Afro-Cuban elements incorporating melodies and improvisations sound quality. And as a result of all this musical talent and artistic resurgence his first CD.

Genre: Contemporary, Balad and Jazz music

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