A native of Camaguey, Cuba, Anais Abreu began her musical adventures in her youth, studying at the Escuela Provincial de Arte Joaquín Varona, and the Escuela Nacional de Arte Luis Casa Romero, where she taught piano following her matriculation. After graduating from the Centro Nacional de Superación de la Enseñanza Artística she continued on at that institution as professor and chorale director.

Although a skilled teacher and director, after winning first prize in a national television competition her love for performance prompted Anais to move from Camaguey to Havana where she continues to entertain and impress audiences from Cuba and the world.


"Anaís Anaís" is neither an ordinary CD ... nor a risky venture. It is the first CD recorded by a woman who has come to sing a dozen of excellent boleros ... We don't travel through thrashed and repeated paths, but come to experience Cuban popular music ..."

"On Alma", Abreu's singing boleros, and she has a dignified voice. The band, led by German Velazco, who used to play in Irakere, is bright ...  But Abreu's a good singer. She takes on ... Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Survive,' and Barry Manilow's 'I'll Never Love This Way Aagain,' along with pieces by Desemer Bueno and Adalberto Alvarez." --  Peter Watrous


Anaís Abreu won the 2004 CUBADISCO award in the Best Song category for her recording Alma.  Her list of singing awards is extensive.

"This CD "De Lujo" is a fabulous compilation of the versatile and sensual voice of singer Anais Abreu. She presents her interpretation of Cuban songs and songs from other countries in both contemporary styles and styles of yesterday. In her, the best of Cuban traditional song comes together, in most inventive and exciting arrangements. Anais, a vocalist of remarkable tenacity, intuitive and naturally talented, creates a selection of boleros, guarachas, sones, trovadorescas and rumba."

Anais has three individual records in her discography: Anais Anais (Egrem) De Lujo (Bis) -- both nominated to the CubaDisco Song Festival,  Alma, on the Bis label, which won the 2004 Cuba Disco best song award, and her most recent recording El Amor Se Acaba


Anais's video "Una decepción" from the popular CD "De Lujo."

El madrugador. Anais Abreu. Cd A Ultranza-2010.

Presentación de Anais Abreu en el Octavo Concurso Nacional del Bolero Caicedonia.

Anais Abreu - Alma de mi alma